Planet Warfare – Space Shooter Arcade Game

About Planet Warfare – Space Shooter Arcade Game

Planet Warfare is a single-player arcade space shooter game (also known as shoot’em up/SHMUP/bullet hell/galaxy shooters/space shooters/STG) consists of vertical scrolling missions in which the classic history of planet wars took place in the solar system by space enemies. In this single-player space shooting game, you will earn the coins to upgrade your spaceships to bring it to the full lethal capacity, that’s how you (protector of planets) can fight with an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardous waves, as the game progresses. Choose and upgrade your space ship and battle with the intergalactic enemies. Shoot at enemy ships and destroy them by using Laser and EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) , Dodge or destroy asteroids, there are EMP bomb and missile power-ups as well.

We have you, for our last hope! Skilled Protector is very important, which protects spacecraft, our planets, and burns the space enemies till the very last of them falls to save the planets!


  • Simple one-handed touch control to move the plane, dodge, and kill all enemies.
  • Collect Coins to upgrade or change your Spaceships
  • Ability to use active skills during space battles.
  • Multiple extreme boss battles.
  • Defeat Enemies and Boss to win
  • Get Daily Reward (Gold Coins)
  • You have to pick Shield, Fire, EMP Bomb, Laser, Health item to
  • overcome each level


  • In-app Purchase
  • Lots of unique boss and enemy.
  • Stunning graphics
  • Cool Sound Effects
  • High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
  • Earn coins to upgrade your spaceships
  • Bullet upgrade
  • Track Rocket (missile)
  • EMP Bomb (Electromagnetic Pulse)
  • Laser
  • 40+ vertical scrolling levels designed according to (easy/medium/hard)

Attributes for aircraft upgrade:

  • Health
  • Fires
  • Speed
  • Damage

Items, when playing to increase the power of SpaceCraft:

  • HP
  • Bullet upgrade
  • Track Rocket (missile)
  • EMP Bomb (Electromagnetic Pulse)
  • Laser’s

Download it Now! and Enjoy playing this game anytime, anywhere you like. With the attractive, fun gameplay, this game will help you have exciting free time.

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