Jewel Warrior – Free Offline Jewel Game 2020

About Jewel Warrior – Free Offline Jewel Game 2020

Jewel warrior is a free single player offline jewel game equally suitable for adults, teens and children. This is the story of a warrior with magical bow and arrow. In order to proceed in the quest of his adventures he has to complete the diamond rings by firing the diamonds into the rings with the magical bow and arrow. However, the journey is riddled with hurdles, puzzles and challenges.

Jewel warrior brings back classic arcade fun and lets you relive the nostalgia with the modern touch.

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– Wonderful for all family and all ages
– Easy to play but very challenging
– Super-easy intuitive controls
– Dozens of puzzle based levels
– Play offline: no Wi-Fi / no internet required / Free
– Beautiful Arcade Background
– Free to play
– 1 finger gameplay
– 100% playable without in-app purchases!
– Catch and loot bonuses dropping from the top to help you finish the level
– Supports all phones and tablet devices

  • GameplayEach level has two empty rotating rings in either of the top corners of the game level.Each ring accepts different kinds of diamonds. The objective of the player is to shoot the diamonds with bow and arrow into the empty slots of the corresponding chain. The next diamond to be shot is shown under the right side chain. If both the chains are completed the level finishes.The Player initially receives a certain number of diamonds of two different types. More diamonds drop from the top over time. The player has to catch these diamonds to be able to fill the chains with the help of a bow and arrow.
  • ChallengesLives: The player gets a limited number of lives. The number of lives can be increased by catching hearts dropping from the top. The player loses a life if struck by a bomb or fire.Time: The time to finish a level is limited and the level must be completed before the timer expires. The time can be creased by catching the hourglasses dropping from the top.Ring cover: In the later stages of the game the diamond rings are partially covered. If the diamond hits the covered area it is lost.

    Hurdles: Various hurdles drop from the top that the player has to avoid, e.g., bombs that explode or file that can cause the warrior to catch fire. In both cases, the character loses a life.

    Bricks: Later stages of the game introduces bricks where the single-player jewel warrior and jump and walk. These steps both make it challenging as they also act as hindrances to shoot the diamonds and an advantage if the player is able to jump on them and shoot from there.

    Coins: The player can also collect coins dropping from the top. Using coins, the player can buy various perks, power-ups, and lives.

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